photo by: Scott Furkay


Born in Moscow and Brooklyn respectively, Mint&Serf (a.k.a. The Mirf) are Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall. After meeting in 1997, the duo took to the streets of New York City, which has served as a canvas for their creative vision and work that transverses relationships between street art and civic spaces. After launching The Canal Chapter in 2005, followed by The Stanton Chapter in 2008 Mint&Serf have continued to produce a vast range of artwork including large-scale murals, paintings, sculpture, photographs, graffiti and nightlife experiences. Mint&Serf have been featured in ARTFORUM, ArtinfoNYMag, The New York Post, Interview Magazine, Huffington Post, ARTNET, Dossier Journal, The DailyMail, Vice, Paper, ANIMAL, Complex, Mass Appeal, Gothamist and Blackbook. Their book Support, Therapy, and Instability was published in 2013 with essays by Carlo McCormick (Paper) and Cat Marnell (Vice / Elle).